Monday, February 28, 2011


Today I have been nesting like crazy.

I dont understand the nesting phenomenon...I like to call it that.
Sounds deep.

Philip and I woke up really early again today...thank you oldest daughter :)

I didn't have anything particular I wanted to do today except normal housekeeping.
Philip is renovating parts of his parents house so he worked there for a while before he went to work.

I did totally random things.
I would finish one thing and then something else would pop into my head and I would
start on it.
No focus, no goal, just doing little projects that needed to be done.

My Day:
I cleaned out my kitchen drawers- vacuumed out the crumbs (gross I have them too:) )
wiped them out and lined them with rubber shelf liner.

I washed my silverware and washed the dividers that hold the silverware.

bleached a load of old burp cloths and lap pads that the girls used.
I decided to use these for cleaning cloths.
They are horribly stained even after bleaching.

cut coupons from the past two weeks of newspapers. i got a little lazy with that.

made copies of invoices for the pediatrician I DO NOT go to anymore.
The office says I owe them like 500.00!
I have proof I dont owe them..still they hassle me.
Seriously its stressing me out and I dont need that stress right now.

washed bedding and ironed the pillow cases.
I never iron pillow cases.
Nesting Phenomenon was definately present during that project.

I cleaned out the refridgerator.
A job we all know and love :)

Bathed the girls.
normally I do this with Philip because it hurts my back to lean over the tub.
I had a little burst of energy and didnt want to wait till the morning.
I want to enjoy the weather tomorrow!

I am now about to make my grocery shopping list.
It takes forever because of the price matches and coupons I use.
We are in desperate need of peanut butter, bananas, and bread.

Did I mention my latest pregnancy food is peanut butter banana sandwiches???
I LOVE them.
lunch and dinner the past two days. For me...not my family. 
Im craving more right now!

So yummy.

That was my day.

I hope you had a good Monday.
I certainly feel accomplished :)

Im interested to see what I can get into tomorrow!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A growing imagination

My oldest daughter is quite creative.
She likes to color, build things, and pretend that her animals are her children.

I love the stage that she is in...the creativity, tenderheartedness, and her compassion.

Tonight she thanked Jesus for deep is that from a 3 year old?
Thankful that she can talk to him!!
She teaches me a thing or two almost everyday.

One day she got up sooo early.
I heard her in the living room giggling.

When I arrived I found these pictures below.

An elf or Santa Claus maybe?

Look at those teeth!

another Santa?

Not quite sure but to me it looks like a "pea" off of Veggie Tales.

I was shocked to see her details and preciseness..
I just hope she wasnt drawing portraits of what she thinks I look like!

My Little Baby is drawing.
I just can't get over it.

Dont worry...I have a huge file box for both girls for their artwork.

Im sooo crazy about my girls.
They are hard work but I just cannot get enough of them!

Have a GREAT Monday!
I like Mondays...Ive always been weird like that :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

baby boy nursery in progress

Yesterday I made a plan to do nothing but fun enjoyable things today.
I pretty much succeeded.
I did fold two loads of laundry...but that was leftover from yesterday and it would BUG me if it sat there for another day :)

I broke in my new sewing machine and it was so fun.
It totally provides a source of therapy for me.
It also helps me accomplish things that I need to do.

I made two accent pillows for the glider chair in the nursery.
I made the curtains...part of them.
A panel on each side of the window.

I bought this fabric above when we visited my sister for my birthday.
It was a little pricey for me...but a lot less expensive than paying for custom bedding.
Much more fun to make it myself :)

Window panels from brown circle fabric.
navy pattern pillow
green pattern pillow

 My sister made the frame above with Nathan's name in it.
I can attach pictures to it or anything special for him.
I kind of like it with just the colorful shapes.
Underneath his name are Antique nursery rhymes my sister framed for me.
I dont really have a "theme" but these are so stinkin cute and will go on the wall in his room as well as his name.

I am getting really excited.
I love unique.
I love that the decorations are just for him.

I love the colors.

I love my little Nathan.
He is kicking me right now...and I can tell he is so cute!

Philip just brought home movie theater popcorn...from Cinemark.
We are weird...we dont go to the movies often but we do get the popcorn once a month.
it tastes better at home on my on comfy couch :)

have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a few words...

Today started off just really weird.

The girls woke us up almost an hour early.
Our oldest daughter ( like always) comes into our room giggling quietly. "snuggle Daddy?" she says.
He helps her onto our bed and she lays with us a few minutes. "Mommy will change my diaper?"
My cue for the day to begin.
Another cue for potty training....which is not going well at all. we will leave it at that :)

I loved the rain. We all did. For most people it makes them want to lay in bed all day.
For gives me energy to get out and enjoy it.

We went shopping a little...jumped in a LOT of puddles. Rain is just fun sometimes!

Tonight was challenging though. Philip worked this evening and I was already so tired from being up early and not getting a good nap. (Being pregnant...I try to nap a few times a week when the girls do)

The girls wore me out tonight. They werent "bad" or misbehaving. They were being what they are.
A toddler and a preschooler.

Bedtime came a little early for them...mostly due to my exhaustion and being on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

I dont do well when I am tired. I feel sick and I cry a is really weird.

My sister called...and we chatted for a while.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love my sister??? She totally lifts me up and encourages me.
Makes sure that  I know Im not a bad mother because I didnt read a bedtime story tonight. (We usually read for at least 30 minutes).

We chatted about due dates...what we need to do before the babies come.
She only has a couple of weeks left...the anticipation is so fun!

Philip called me on his breaks... He encouraged me telling me its OK that blocks are all over the living room floor. That its OK to rest...housework will find itself tomorrow. schedule is as follows:
Enjoy my day, enjoy my husband, enjoy my girls, no housework, no "to do lists". Eat some really good food. Take a nap. Snuggle my girls and read as many books as they want.

I think I can accomplish that :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A dash of salt and a pinch of pepper...

OK so this post isnt really about a recipe or anything having to do with cooking.
Just some randomness.

We all need a random day right?
I like organization a lot.
But today is just a little caddy wompus.
I like it.
Makes me feel like its OK to take a nap when Im finished typing this :)

Random #1
Flowers from the baby shower..I was too lazy to bend over and find a vase in the cabinet.
So I stuck them in this pitcher...much prettier to me anyways.

Random #2
Philip and older sis went to Nanas to take down wallpaper today.
I felt really good this I was daring.
I took little sis to Target (for an hour!) and picked this up for big sis on sale.
Im still not drawn to the boy section... :(

Random #3
The cup and saucer my sister and her family gave me for my Bday.
So cute...I love love love girlie things.
I mean could you see a big burly man drinking tea out of this.
Doubt it :)

The cup and saucer look much cuter with my favorite birthday cakes (yes 2 cakes :) ).
Yummy treat during naptime.
I didnt finish it all..I couldnt fit anymore in my tummy!

Random #5
The only motivation for me to do laundry right now.
Well besides needing clothes to wear.
But the smell of this sure does help.

Random #6
My little boys room.
It was completely clean before the shower.
Now its a room of overwhelming joy...and Ive gotta figure out how to arrange it all!

Random #7
Our dog Boston.
He is a good dog.
This is his favorite spot in the yard.
I dont let him out after dark because of the coyotes...they might get eaten by him :) ha!
Seriously the coyotes freak me out a little!
They hide out in the huge field behind our house and we dont have a back fence yet.
So Boston chills during the day.

I am so sleepy...little boy is telling me its naptime.
I better listen :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Celebrating life...

Last week was pretty busy.
My birthday.
A little traveling.

The week ended with a celebration of my little guy who is
soon to be here.

Honestly-I have become a person who really doesn't like

I feel so weird when people are looking at me.
I know I make funny faces (not on purpose).
I am sure I look awkward too!

My sweet sister and a few of my friends threw a baby shower
for me and my guy.

I was so hesitant at first.
But it was really fun...and such a blessing.
It was small and perfect.

It was hard not to be emotional.
My little boy is a BLESSING beyond imagination.
A total gift from God...part of Gods plan.
My little boy is proof that our God is in control.
He is a picture of redemption, restoration, and Gods healing.

I cant wait to hold him.

Here is a little glimpse of the celebration.
His name is Nathan...
I will post on that soon.

I think I actually took this pic before all the food was out.
There was an amazing was so good.

I am so grateful for the items that were given to Nathan.
I was honestly getting stressed because I didn't have much in the boy department.

My house is full of pink flowers and sparkly bows.

Now I dont have to go shopping...which sounds like a bummer.
But it is hard to go shopping with 2 little girls
and be big preggo!

Anyways...more pics to come.
I keep saying that! :)
I keep forgetting my camera!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Older and Wiser...

I must say-after turning 30 last week-I feel a little older...and a little wiser.

I took a few days off from texting-facebooking-blogging etc.
Really anything techno.
(I did say thanks on FB for birthday wishes though)

I had a great birthday weekend.
Yes it was a birthday weekend.
Started Thursday-ended Saturday.

It was nice.

We decided to head out of town to visit my sister and her family.
My sister is my very best friend.
There is no one like her and I would do anything for her. Seriously.
I knew if I was with her on my birthday- it HAD to be good.
My dream would be to live next door to her.
Then I wouldnt have to text or call her so much :)
I could also squeeze my little nieces cheeks everyday.

About 40 minutes into our short road trip our oldest daughter got very cranky.
I offered her crackers, water, etc.
She rejected it.

Then she burped really loud. (she said excuse me:) )
We laughed for about 5 seconds and then realized...something was not right.
Ill spare you the details...but she got super car sick and we spent about 20 minutes
on some random off highway street cleaning up the car, her, and Philip.
Glad I was driving...or the puke wouldve been on me!

Poor little baby girl...

And poor little sister! Thankfully she was out of the line of fire (puke).
But she did not like it!
She shouted like she was screaming stop! stop!
Then she started making the puke she was left out.
Little bugar :)

Philip sat in the back the rest of the trip and she slept snuggled next to him.

I feel bad for her-she inherited my car sick gene:(

The rest of the weekend was so fun.
Lots of laughing...lots of food...and lots of enjoying time together.
Cousins played...cousins haggled over toys...but it was sweet.

Philip got me new bakeware which I LOVE.
He also gave me a new snuggly bed for Hewlett! (OK it was a laptop case)

My sister made me two birthday cakes and her family gave me the cutest
coffee mug and plate to eat yummy treats on.

I loved every minute.

The rest of the weekend was so fun.

Ill share more with pics camera is elsewhere and it has all the fun pics.

Turning 30 is probably one of the best feelings Ive had in a long time.
I cant describe it.
But I love it.

Stay away 40. Im sooo not ready for you. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So long twenties!

Its time to say goodbye...
Its also time to say hello :)

Goodbye twenties...I learned a LOT from the time I had with you!
I experienced most (i hope) of my most life changing moments with you!
You were with me when I got married, got my first job, and had kids!

I appreciate you and the growth I received during my time with you!
But ...

I will NOT miss you.

I welcome you with open arms...ready to see what you have.
Please dont go too fast...Im loving my life!

I spent my last day of my twenties with people I love dearly.

I got up super coffee and muffins with my friend before the rest of the family woke.
Love my time with Docia.
could just sit for hours with her.

Went home...had second breakfast with my family when they woke.

Yes...two breakfasts is quite appropriate while carrying a baby :)

Spent some time with my hubby-at my biweekly Dr appt.

Gained 7 lbs!
31 weeks preggo and I have gained 24 lbs.
Not bad!

Went to lunch with my hubby and made a quick run to
Target for Pepcid...horrible heartburn haunts me daily.
(picked up a bag of clearance valentine KitKats)

Went home...snuggled the girls and they went to bed for naps.

Snuggled my husband and watched "The Office" before he went to work.

Took a GREAT one hour nap.
Woke up with a puddle of drool on my pillow making my nap a success :)

chilled with my girlies and my mom came over for a visit.
My girls love "Gammaw"

Now My husband will be home in 20 minutes and we will watch
American Idol on DVR.

I had a great day...being 29 for the last time.
sorta sad.
not really.

Tomorrow....February 17th I will be 30.
I cant wait.

I have big plans and I cant wait to share with you what my 30th birthday brought!!!

Stay tuned! And dont worry...I will only eat a few pieces of cake :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I normally follow a schedule of housework shopping..laundry etc.

it used to look like this:
Monday:laundry, change bedding
Tuesday: dust vacuum
Wednesday: iron, clean bathrooms
Thursday: grocery day and plan weekly menu
Friday: mop
Saturday and Sunday-have fun

Being 31weeks pregnant with 2 girls age 3 and 22 months...
That schedule flew out the window a LONG time ago.

Sometimes my daily accomplishment is getting a shower for myself.

I do 3 things consistently every single day:
feed the girls (and myself and Philip) healthy meals
bathe girls
load and run the dishwasher every night

laundry is ongoing instead of one day a week(Which drives me nuts!)

I havent seen my iron in about 3 months

I do sweep the kitchen 2-3 times a day
but vacuum the house??? ummmm lets NOT go there

Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a clean and tidy house all the time.
If that were life would be so boring.

I LOVE the messes that are made and that I get to clean them up.  
I LOVE that my home is "lived in" and its comfortable.
I LOVE that every single room has traces of my kids...even if it is a rubber duck swimming in the toilet.
I LOVE that the kitchen is USED and I GET to make yummy meals for them.
I LOVE that when I get my girls up from naps...they have all the stuffed animals lined up for story time and my oldest is asleep on the floor from reading.

Sometimes at the end of the day I look at my living room and see a random shoe on the couch
and leftover blocks that didnt make it to the bin.
I notice a little crayon mark on the tile and a dried grape underneath the kitchen table.

I just pick it up and wipe the messes.

I go into my girls room everynight at least 5 times just to look at them.
Oh boy they are precious little angels.

I LOVE housework.
I GET to "redo" everything many times a week.
I have the HONOR of caring for my children each day.
I receive JOY when the pile of broken crayons lays on top of a heart drawn by my 3 year old.

I wouldnt want to do anything more.

There will be a day when I have a clean and tidy house.
I dont even want to think about it.
I like my housework.

its not just housework to be done.
Its life that is lived.
Blessings that are received.

Dear Housework...I welcome you to stay as long as you like.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A little reflecting...

"Day after day and night after night they keep on saying,

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.
The One who always was, who is, and who is to come"

Revelation 4:8

Can you imagine what that sounds like?
I know there is a song out that quotes that scripture and the music and melody is powerful.
I love the song and its meaning.

But can you imagine what those creatures sound like
sitting and repeating those words to our God?
Its real!
While you are reading this they are repeating those words to our Creator.
its what they do.
its all they do.

I love songs that come straight from The Word of God.
the Truth.

Man-today thats deep for me.

Humbles me.

Hope you have had a great Sunday :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time to introduce to you...

Have you ever seen the movie
"When Harry met Sally" ?

Ive seen parts of it...and I dont even know the whole
concept of it.
I really just like the title of the movie. I will introduce to you a new story.

The beginning of a wonderful new relationship in my life.
A relationship that I've been waiting patiently for.

I want you to meet my new friend Molly.

I met Molly after meeting Natalie and Elizabeth.
But Molly and I just clicked.

Instant camaraderie.

Molly came to me brand new in a lovely box.

She was perfectly protected.

And I just couldn't help but want to give her a big hug when
I pulled her out of the box.
(Well I assisted Philip)

I cant WAIT to read my owners manual tonight.
Gonna take a bubble bath and get in my Jammie's with a big glass of water and
(The water is for little boy inside me...gotta make sure he's not thirsty!)

AND THEN!!!!!!!

Molly got a surprise friend today!!!
A friend that my husband found for me and thought I
would love just as much as Molly!

I blog, I write, I do digital scrap booking a LOT.

Meet Hewlett...:)

Isn't Hewlett HANDSOME????
Clean, shiny, spot free with lots of room for pictures!
Sleek, lightweight and HE'S all mine!
(I don't know who that crazy chick is in the reflection of the screen)

It was such a fun day.
When "Hewlett met Molly"

They were instant friends.
Both fresh and new and ready to be productive.

Hewlett was my early birthday surprise from my husband.
Oh my husband.

He knows me.

He knows I am tired of our computer desk taking up
a very usable wall in our living room.
(If you wanna buy a nice desk let me know...Ill give you a steal of a deal)
He knows I'm not motivated to do my work because its so
uncomfortable sitting at our desk...
mainly because I'm preggo.
(And what about those long nights coming up when the baby nurses and I begin my 3 AM blogs??? a laptop is much more functional)

I am blessed...these two new friends of mine I have wanted for such a long time.
I'm not spoiled I promise.
I plan to use these two lovies for the good...not just for me
or my family but to honor my Lord.

And like other things that I own...I will use them until they
run no more.

We are lifelong friends.
Molly, Hewlett, and I.

Such a lovely story.

And dont ask about the birthday...its coming up quick. :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Free Bird...

Today I broke free.

I have been in my home since Sunday January 30th.
(I did take a break Saturday February 5th when my husband took me to eat at Texas Roadhouse...two hours of no kids and yum food!)
Im sure I could have gotten out more,
but being pregnant I do not want to risk falling
on ice or crashing into a ditch.

Im a little paranoid like that : )

My husband had an appointment this morning and I
(along with my girls)
were desperate to get out for any reason at all.

We sat in our car for almost 2 hours waiting for him.
Was it horrible.

Um no.

It was wonderful.
The girls got restless every once in a while so I would crank up the music and we would sing and dance.

Im sure we looked like crazy people!
We had a blast!!!! husband took us out.
We ate at Chik Fil A...a big treat for the girls!
(Brooklyn prefers my chicken salad sandwich over nuggets...)

Afterwards my husband introduced me to my new love.
Nope its not "Puck" (see Mondays post)

Wayyyyyyyy better than Puck.
My new love brings new life out of me.
New creation.
New adventure.

Im hoping to stay connected to my new love for at least
ten years.

Ill introduce you tomorrow...

Be ready : )

Monday, February 7, 2011

Confession...a little embarrassed

Ok - before you read this...dont judge :)

Remember the teenager days when you had a crush on 
a teeny bopper tv star or singer?

Well...honestly I never did.
I keep racking my brain trying to remember which boy
celebrity I had a "crush" on.
I just cant remember.

Well...Im coming up on my 30th birthday and I finally
found my TV crush.

Seriously...dont judge. I know you have (had) one too :)

I watch "Glee" sometimes.
(Disclaimer: I do NOT let my kids watch Glee...I DVR it and watch it after they are in bed)

I dont watch it for the story line or
for the morals...thats for sure.

I am a huge fan of music and harmony and voices singing really fun music.

Some music is pretty controversial...thats when I just
turn off the TV and forget about it.

But then there are some episodes where the music
is just plain pretty.
Music from musicals, Broadway, oldies, and classics.

If you saw it this past Sunday night, there was a duet with
"Rachel" and "Puck".

I am so out of touch with the latest music that I thought they were covering an oldies song.

Well my friend informed me it was from
"Lady Antebellum"
(Never even heard of)

My confession:
My TV crush is Puck.
That boy can play the guitar.
That boy can sing.
That boy is the cutest guy on TV right now.

There you have it.
I feel like a 13 year old hoping he will come serenade me at my middle school dance! HAHA!

I know you may not think hes all that.
And he isnt.
I just think hes a little cutesie who is very talented.

I dont have posters of him hanging on the walls or his latest "hits" in my cd player.
I just enjoy his talent.
I do not condone his characters behaviour or actions.
Its all about the music.

Who is (was) your TV crush?
I know you have one. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Go get this now...

Ok so our "Snowpocolypse/Snowmageddon/Blizzard 2011" has really gotten the best of me.

I knew that once we were snowed in I would want yummy food.
Its just how I function when Im cold.
And stuck inside for days.
And biggo preggo.

I gave myself a "pass" this week to indulge a little and eat foods that sound good.

Ive got about 9 weeks left of pregnancy and have ONLY gained 17 lbs.
(I'll admit I gained 4 of the lbs in the last two weeks)
My strange body decides to gain it all in the last trimester.
I gained 52 lbs with my 2nd I think Im ok right now.

My dad gave me this cookbook during Christmas 2009.
If you dont have it...

It is super fun to read-easy to follow recipes with PICS-and each recipe is melt in your mouth amazing yummy in your tummy.

Most recipes call for things you probably already have.
Pantry staples...Oh yes...the pantry staples that sit there and wait to be used.

I made buttermilk biscuits Tuesday...

Mine did not look like that because I didnt cut them. I just rolled them and stuck them in the pan.
still yummy...just really really ugly.
no picture...I have no clue why I didnt take a picture.
busy eating I guess : )

Warning: the recipes in this book are NOT meant to be healthy.
They are clearly not the choice for everyday eating...for me anyways.

They are good for special Blizzards:)

Disclaimer: my kids do not eat these recipes either.
If you know me at kids do not eat "normal". They think french fries are toys.
They ask for salad for breakfast.
They want peaches for dessert.
(success in my book)

For those of you who love homecooked food thats just plain good.
Get this book.

Friday, February 4, 2011

From my heart...

I know that so far I haven't really been "deep" or super emotional so far with my blog.
Today is a little more "deep" and just a tad bit longer.

This month has been a tough month for me.
It seems like this month is already dragging...Im ready for April.
Although, I am seeing that it is making me stronger at the same time.
All four days of it.

For those of you who know me know where Im coming from.
For those of you who know me a will be able to relate.

I've been trying to keep busy. (Like a 3 yr old and 22 month old dont keep me on my toes :) )


Im trying more than ever to be "present".
Present in my marriage.
Present in every moment of my girls sweet little lives.
Present while the little life is miraculously growing inside of me.
Present in being sensitive to what God has for me each moment.

It brings me back to one word.

Such a huge word said so much by so many.

I am so very thankful.
Thankful for the very place I am in today.
Thankful that Jesus flipped my life upside down this past year...only to make it right side up.
Thankful that the ones I am closest to have been with me every step of the road Im on.
Thankful that God is WHO He says He IS!
That we can BELIEVE His promises!

I am also thankful for suffering.
Without suffering...I would not know my Lord's tenderness and deep love He has for me.

I have had a lot of people ask me
"If you could go back in time and change your life...would you?"

My answer. Never. Never. Never.
What I have experienced has made me who I am.
My deepest desire in life is to know Jesus more and to draw closer to Him.
If I had to suffer and endure the same thing over again...I would in a heartbeat.
Just to know Him more is worth any amount of suffering.

Do I want to suffer? Not one bit.
But God never said we wouldn't suffer.
He never promised it would be easy.
He promised He would carry us and never leave us alone.

Im thankful for that.
Thankful for His promise that He is with me.

"Remember the Lord. Remember who is in control. Remember His goodness in the past.
Remember God's closeness in the present. Remember His power for the FUTURE."
Max Lucado

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Treasure within a treasure...

Do you even know what you can do with an empty glass jar????

As you can pregnancy has brought on a sweet craving for me.
I am a hot fudge crazy woman!
That jar did not last many days...sad to say.
And sad to say that my husband didnt get to eat much of it either!
Not only is the hot fudge a yummy sweet treasure on top of neopolitan ice cream...
the JAR is the real treasure.

empty jar ideas:
stores random buttons or other sewing notions (Ive always wanted to use that word)
super cute container for yummy treats
classy pen holder for your "End of the table" quiet time kit (see recent blog post)
make your own jelly!
make your own pickles!
store cotton balls and place on top of the bathroom counter

and many more...

I have 3 jars that are almost empty!
Im all giddy about it : )

Save the lid too! Spray paint it a pretty color and hot glue a pretty flower on top!

Hope you have a great Thursday!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Unconventional wrapping...

My sister is expecting her 2nd daughter in about 5 weeks...
Im so ready to meet that sweet baby girl!

My sister is one of the most creative people I know.

She got me into my latest fabric addiction...burlap.
Sounds a little boring?
Oh the things you can do with a lovely piece of burlap :)

My first fabric flower above...made it in 5 ok with it! I attached an alligator clip on the back so her 19 month old daughter can wear it!

Not only did I have super fun wrapping this simple gift...
My sister gets some fun crafty things to create with!

I used 1 yard of burlap-cute green fabric and cream ruffle scraps-an old button and scrap of orange fabric-a piece of card stock folded in half attached with a string of raffia.

easy peezy.

Stay warm during this cold week...while you're snowed in...
see what you can create with "scraps" hiding around the house.

I already have my idea for tomorrow : )