Monday, July 18, 2011

Like mother like Daughter...

Left eye turning in...
eyes crossing
ugly plastic frames
huge lenses
big bug eyes
patch over right eye

Yep that was me at 3 years old.

fast forward

Left eye slightly turning in
eyes crossing occasionally
Adorable girly "chic" frames
polycarbonate lenses
beautiful eyes
no patches

Thats my three year old

Strange how things happen.
She is adorable in glasses.
we pick them up this week.
She LOVES them.

Thankfully I am VERY aware of my childrens vision.
mainly due to the fact I have always had horrible eye sight.

SHE will most likely grow out of it.

I am allllll about preventive health.

Maybe Ill do a post on all the "healthies" I give my kids.
If you promise not to make fun :)
And if you do make fun...


Different strokes for different folks.

Im lovin that saying right now.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Running woes

I am not a complainer.
I really do not have anything to complain about...I am extremely blessed.
Like I've noted before, this blog is also a journal for myself.
So, this post is basically for that purpose, but if its interesting to you, thats great too!

I have been doing the couch25K program the past few weeks.
It is GREAT. I really thought the first run would be hard. It was great!

However, I am currently at a stand still for a few different reasons. I am not happy about it because I am really set on doing the Tulsa Run (or some of it) in the fall.

I have had some major back and hip issues since having my babies. I also have a lot of headaches. So I decided to go to a chiropractor (he is the best ever by the way).
I go a few times a week, and it has helped tremendously!

During my first Chiro visit, he took some x-rays and found some abnormalities in my thyroid.
Ok I biggie.
Well it is becoming a more in depth issue than I thought or wanted.
My thyroid is enlarged, with multiple nodules on it.
I had blood tests, and an ultrasound on it. My Dr is referring me to an endocrinologist whom I will see this week.
Strangely enough, I have very strong symptoms of thyroid disease.
Basically the entire time, Ive beat myself up because I couldnt seem to get myself healthy enough.
I lose weight really fast during stressful times (giving birth etc.) and then all of a sudden my weight totally changes gears and I gain.
I have been running and eating well...yet I have gained 12 lbs in about 3 weeks. not normal.
I am also so very tired, irritable, and other symptoms that fall under hypothyroidism.

Not a big deal, but an enlarged thyroid with nodules makes it a little more difficult to treat with a pill.

I also hurt my knee when scrubbing the hard tile floor the other day.
note to self, at least kneel on a towel or something.
Ugh. it hurts bad.

So my running has come to a halt the past 3 days.
I dont feel great.
I am tired,
I feel so fat (sorry) because I cant fit into many clothes.

its not fun.

It could always be worse.
So I am thankful that my issues are fixable and treatable.

I am just ready to lace up my shoes and break in my new workout clothes.

Maybe this week...maybe...hopefully!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


* We have been grilling a lot. Mostly chicken...just plain grilled chicken with a touch of BBQ sauce. Triple YUM!

* Our garden is flourishing! Lettuce like crazy and zucchini that is super amazing sauteed in olive oil. Im ready for my bell peppers to show up...not much longer!

* Nathan is smiling, cooing, snuggling, pooping, spitting up, blowing bubbles, kicking his little legs, sleeping better (5:30 AM), and we are LOVING IT!!!

*Brooklyn loves nurturing Nathan. "awww brother Nathan are you smiling??? awww brother Nathan is sooooo sweet". Makes my heart burst with joy :)

* Natalie is learning not to hit, smack, lick, bite, squeeze, and yell at brother Nathan. She DOES give him kisses a lot and says "Wub you brother". Oh my heart is going to explode.

* Philip is working so hard. It is so hot this summer and he is out in it every single day. Thankfully his job is sporadic and its not hours upon hours on end. He works hard and takes care of us so well.

* I am trying to do my part on saving us money. keeping the air up to 77 during the day even though my hormones are insane and I am SWEATING all day inside. ugh. thats getting old.
I am nursing nursing nursing to help save $$ on not using formula...but I get great satisfaction that my baby is getting my milk and God is using me to sustain his life. WOW. (Dont get me wrong I have nothing against formula! My girls were formula fed and they are super healthy. This time I just chose to stick with nursing. Different strokes for different folks. right?? :)

* I have been running...I LOVE IT. alot alot alot

* We have been watching "Up" a lot. My girls love that movie and its just soooo hot that I cave and give in to the pressure of the TV. However, we watch "Up" about 3 times a day. I have it memorized.
"SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!" :)

I love life. Im thankful. I like to be able to write about random things. God is so, so, good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I really really really do not like "punishing" my girls.

I always try to come up with a way to
creatively discipline them.

Such as the following:

*When I walk into their room thinking they are napping just to find the entire closet of clothes pulled out into a big pile on the floor. Each girl is wearing ridiculous outfits...mismatched shoes and at least thre pairs of training panties on their heads.
Punishment: I make them clean up the entire mess...I along with them...taking at least an hour.
Does that punishment work? No. It is fun...putting clothes on hangers and folding a hundred pairs of socks.

*When I notice Natalie is awefully quiet. I hunt her down to find her looking authentically albino...covered from eyelashes to shoulders to her scalp in DESITIN.
Punishment: an hour of scrubbing herself (actually me scrubbing her) and figuring out that not even DAWN dish soap will "cut the grease".
Does that punishment work? No. Desitin is fun...its white...and it sticks to you like glue.

*When there is crayon all over the walls.
Punishment: scrubbing the walls.
Does it work? No. She did it again...brought me a wet cloth and asked me to help her clean. Again...Natalie.

Did I take pictures?
Um yes.
Did I laugh?
Do I wish they never would have committed such crimes??
Memories dear friends.

I dont care how messy it is...
one day they will understand.

When they have kids...
So I will wait.
I will patiently scrub them down when they get messy.
I will mop blueberry juice off the floor.
They will enjoy cleaning with me.

I dont want to crush their spirit.
They are curious.
It gets the best of them.
Why get angry???
Dont we want them to learn??

Now...blatent disobedience is a different story.
For a different day.
On a different post.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Orange Colored Sky...

July 4th...or Independance Day
is becoming one of our families favorite holidays.
Its so summery!
Its hot outside...and perfect for celebrating!

The past two years we have spent this holiday with my sister and her family.
Little cousins playing.
Homemade ice cream.
Crab boil dinner.
Everyone wearing patriotic colors.

Its just a fun great time.

A peak into our funfilled weekend.
This was the first year all the kids went to see fireworks.
My girls and my oldest niece cried for a while...
but after clinging on to us for dear life..they enjoyed it.

My youngest niece slept through the whole thing.
I snuggled Nathan...covering his ears from the loud explosions from the Orange Filled Sky.
I cant wait till next year.

5 kids ages 1-4.
Nothing but excitement!
It is such a blessing to be able to give our kids these moments
and memories.

My niece is 5 weeks older than Nathan...they are already buddies!

Nathan 2 month pic...

Im not the best picture taker and one day I will have the camera of my dreams.
meanwhile I am so thankful for the camera I do have
and that I have the ability to take a picture that
actually shows what my baby looks like :)

I am crazy nutso in LOVE with my son.
I love that he is growing.
But 2 months????
Too fast!!!

Oh he is precious.
I cant get over how much he blesses my heart.
He touches the depths of my soul.
My little Nathan :)