Thursday, March 8, 2012

An open door...or two

This is super short.

I havent blogged in a few days.
I am working on something and I dont have a way to describe it without giving it away.
All I can say is...the doors are opening.
 And I am walking through them holding the Hand of my Creator.

I can't wait to share it. (No...Im not pregnant : )

God is doing something big in my life.
He has been doing something big for years...and He just keeps it going.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Because of what it means...

Yesterday was a tragic day for a lot of people in the southern states.

If you know me very well...or even a might know that I am very, very afraid of tornadoes.
I have always been afraid.
I have always had a "respective fear" of tornadoes...meaning I never take severe weather lightly.

And yesterday proves to me once again...why I feel this way.
It also confirms that we made a good choice in ordering a safe room that cannot get here fast enough.
(Just 3-4 more weeks)
Thankfully I have the sweetest neighbors ever...and if the weather gets so bad I can at least get my babies in her safe room. Thank you sweet neighbor.

I don't even feel comfortable writing the words I feel about what happened yesterday.
Lives lost.
Homes destroyed.
People hurting.
No way to prevent it.
the devastation of it all

my heart is heavy and hurting so

Tonight as I got my girls ready for bed, I soaked up the sweetness.
I praised God that I was there with that moment.
Some people lost that yesterday.
I still have it.
I have my babies to hold.
My home is still in tact, toys everywhere, bottles needing cleaned, striped socks left by the back door.
I am leaving it all there (maybe not the bottles).
But stays. I need to see the mess. because of what it means.

It means I have my babies sleeping just feet away from me while I type.
I have my family.

I'll take the mess and look at it with love. With thankfulness.

Because of what it means.

Friday, March 2, 2012

"Joyful Noise"...the Movie

I really don't go to the movies much.
I have a hard time justifying to myself that it's "ok" to sit still...for two hours...and do nothing but focus on a huge screen.
I call that a bad case of the Mommydoeverythingforeverybodybutyourself syndrome. :)

This past best sisterfriend called and said hey let's go to the movies and eat.
I got to go with her girlies too which was crazy fun.
We added an impromtu shopping trip in there which does the soul good on a down day...even if you only try on 25 pairs of high heels and get none of them :)

(By the way...heels and tall wedges are not my thang...I towered over all the aisles in the store and gave my friends a good laugh at my superfreaky tall expense)
You need a good laugh? Go shoe shoppin' with me. dare ya :)

We saw "Joyful Noise"...with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.

I loved it. Loved loved loved it. Alot, alot, alot.

I was so glad I said yes. (Which I wouldve said yes even if she asked me to go grocery shopping...friends stick with friends right?)

Go see the movie.
 I had chills, I cried (and boohoo cry....not just tears).
 we danced in the theatre.
sang our little hearts out.
Even chowed down on buttery popcorn. (My stomach punished me for that one later...)

It was just a good movie that I cannot wait to show my hubs.

I need to see it again.
I probably wont get the same high that I got the first time, but I could use an encore for sure!

That's it.
Probably my only movie review of the year :)

Have a Fabuloso weekend!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anchors Away...A visit from my brother who is in the US NAVY

I have always been a military supporter.
My heart has always been sensitive to those who serve and who
selflessly leave their sweet families home to make sure my family...keeps their freedoms.

Then my own brother joined the Navy.
Now...I am as close to a Blue Star Mom as you can be.
A Blue Star Sister maybe? :)

My brother came home for Christmas and brought Nathan a super cool Navy shirt.
He is here now and we are going to have lunch and hang out a little bit.

He leaves soon...and will soon be deployed again.
Can you imagine the prayers that boy gets from his big sister???
Yes. Tons. Lots. every day. All the time.

We all love him...and my kids think he is the coolest.
Natalie crawls all over him and jumps on him like hes a trampoline.

Brooklyn thinks he is silly.
Nathan just chills with him.

My brother is pretty cool.
I sure cant wait until we can see him more.