Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How do daddys do it?

Just a quick pic from this past weekend.

Philip has a new position at work that requires a hard hat.

He brought it home.

The girls have been a little restless lately.

I blame it on the weather that keeps teasing us...spring where are you????

Daddy's have a way with daughters that I love.

When he comes home from work the house alarm beeps...
the girls instantly smile, gasp, and look at the door waiting for him to walk in.
Instant happiness.

Anyways...they were a little grouchy this day.
So he pulled out his hat and let them try it on.

So cute.
So happy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I have plenty of time!!!

OK- so I'm getting closer to my due date which is three weeks away.
I never made it to my due date with my girls.
Brooklyn was 2 weeks early.
Natalie was about a week early.
SO that could put me at having this baby next Monday if he follows in their footsteps.

Am I ready to go to the hospital if I go into labor?
Do I have baby boys clothes washed and put away?
Do I have his bassinet ready?
Is his car seat installed and in the car ready to go?
No...its actually still in the box unopened.
If I had him tomorrow...would I be prepared to bring him home?

So. What does that say?

I think I am in denial.
My Dr. told me to be ready by last Monday.
Ready for baby, hospital bags packed, house prepared.
Have I listened?
I am trying.
I have done a few things.
His crib is ready. Although he wont sleep in it for a few months.
One load of his precious clothes are washed and dried. Not folded or put away.
3 loads are still waiting to be done.

My Dr. is out of town until next week.
So strangely in my mind...I guess I think the baby will wait till he gets back.

You never know.

I'll wait and get things ready this weekend.

I said that three weekends ago. :)

We will see :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Caught ya!

I'm so glad I had my camera handy for this.
My girls have specific cups they each drink from.

Different colors, styles, and sizes.
If one sister drinks out of the other sisters cup...watch out.

Talk about territorial!

I caught Natalie a few days ago sneaking a drink out of big sisters cup.
Good thing sister wasnt around!

she found the cup on the side table...

she knew I was watching...took a small drink

realized I wasn't going to take it this time so....

she downs the entire thing....

then takes a good look at her reflection in the fireplace door.

I thought it was so cute and funny!
She knew she had just gotten away with it!

Please notice her little outfit.
keep in mind when she was born she weighed 10 POUNDS 10 OUNCES.
My big big baby.

She will be 2 next week and she still wears 18 month clothes.
Most pants are 12 month.
Her pants in this pic are 18 month CAPRI'S!
Her shirt is 24 months.

I love my little girl ...and her mischief :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Flashback to childhood...

About a month ago I posted about my "teenage crush" and claimed I never had one until now.
Which is (was) Puck from "Glee". (not so much anymore...must be a preggo thing!)

Well....I don't know why I didnt remember this guy!!!
Michael j Fox!
Totally crushed on him all throughout childhood and early teen years.

I own the "Back to the Future" trilogy.
Its my favorite.
Epecially the first one.
He is super cute :)

Don't you love his vest????
Denim jacket???
His hair???

Super super cute :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Baby Boy Quilt...

So last Sunday was a good day...
it was quiet.
The girls were a little more "chill " that day.

This is my living room when the girls are napping.
Its calm and sooooo quiet.
Its lovely.
But I always find myself watching the clock so I can get them up and play!

Our dog Boston is fond of the girls nap time too.
Hes chilling on the loveseat.

I dont mind toys being on the floor during naps.
I know the girls will soon be up to play.
Seeing the toys on the floor reminds me how blessed I am to have little ones
running around :)

Usually I take a nap when they do.
But I felt good this day.
I had enough energy to sit and sew.

So I decided to finish the quilt I made for my little baby boy.
It was my first quilt ever...quite simple and little detail.
not perfect...but I CRAVE imperfection.

It isnt the fanciest thing ever...but I love it.
I love it because I made it for my little miracle baby boy.
Its just for him.

I cant wait to show you his finished room.
But it isnt finished yet. :)

Hope you like it :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

This and that...

I totally have no focus today.

I am on some funky medication and still have 3 days left to go.

It makes me so tired, I feel like I have the flu, and all I feel like eating is chocolate.

So I think I will just throw out some random things I have been thinking today.

#1-my sister had her little baby girl today....Im super excited and saw a pic my mom texted me.
Too bad I dont feel like sitting in a car for an hour to go see her :(

#2-I went to take my medicine tonight and my pill count is way off. The bottle says it has 14 pills in it. Take it twice a day. I started taking it Monday night. So tonight would be pill #7. That would mean I have 7 pills left right? NO I have 6 pills left and I havent taken my pill for tonight. SO now Im freaking out because I dont know if I took too many at once!

#3- Tonight is Philips last night shift. He has been working nights for a year. It has been tough. But I have learned a lot thru it. I have also had some amazing times with my girls. bedtimes can be tiring...especially big preggo....but I cherish my girl time with them. They are my princesses.

#4- i really want to eat a LOT of Reeses. its not good. really. they are amazing and so tasty.

#5- I have beatles songs rolling over and over in my head. Where did that come from??

I have many more thoughts racing thru my mind...but thats enough.

I am tired :) And Philip is on his way home.
three day weekend here we come:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Movie day!!!!

Sunday morning we didn't get to go to church.
I was purely exhausted from the week before.
I was desperate for rest.

So were my girls.
We had a movie day.
Our movies consist of "Praise Baby" or a "Veggie Tale" video.
By the end of a 30 minute video...they are ready to move on to
something more active.

I cherish the moments when we get to snuggle.

The girls love being in our bed.
They sleep in their own beds at night,
but usually most mornings our bed is the central meeting place by 7 AM.

I LOVE it.
They look so comfy!

Notice they each have a "friend" to snuggle.
Raggedy Ann and Sock Monkey.

My girls love accessories. Natalie is sporting her pink hat.

Can you imagine the security they feel being in mommy and daddys bed?
They know its a safe place for them.
Because that is where mommy and daddy sleep!

I dont mind cups in the bed...as long as its water!

I know some people may not like their kids in the bed with them.
It may seem like we spoil them or water down boundaries.

They love their own beds...a lot.
They crawl into their beds when they need some space.

But they know that there is always room for them with us.
Its security. Its family.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Counting My Blessings....

Short Blog today.

Counting my blessings.

It has been so busy lately.
Potty training 24/7.
wedding weekend.
preparing for little baby boy.
trying to squeeze in every moment with my girls to enjoy them.
Trying to keep up with the house.
Spending as much one on one time with Philip as possible.

I forgot to take care of myself a little better than I have been.

Today I had a slight scare that the baby might come too early.
After some time in labor and delivery at the hospital...
I got to come home and rest.

Nothing major...just a sign that I need to take care of myself more than I have been.
(Thank you for letting me keep the details private)

baby is fine and active.
He is transverse sideways...which Im not too thrilled about.
That makes things a little more complicated.
Natalie was also transverse.

I am good.

I am counting my blessings though.
What I thought was going to be a very scary day...
turned out to be a day that I learned more about life.

How I am blessed.
With my husband.
My precious baby boy (little transverse booger!:) )
My little princess daughters.
My parents.
My In-laws.
My family.
My friends who pray for me the very second I call on them.

God is so good.
I am undeserving of what I have.

Thankful for the moments when I am humbled and reminded of
the blessings God has laid on my life.

Naming them one by one today.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend in pictures...

This weekend was wonderful.
So fun.
So lovely.
Very busy...but good busy.

Friday we played outside.
Friday evening we had a wedding rehearsal because our
Princess Brooklyn was a flower gir.
(Yes tears came to my eyes...such an honor)

Saturday was filled with wedding fun:)
Saturday evening we played outside and enjoyed each other in
the lovely weather.

Sunday we got to visit with some amazing friends who came into town for the wedding
we attended along with our dear friends who live in town.
God is good to bless us with such friends.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my girls?
My love grows for them every minute.
I dont know how...but boy...
my heart is huge with love for these cutesiesweetsies.

Little ball of nonstop energy. Seriously.
Loves being outside...running and playing and falling down in the grass.

Scoping out or Christmas Tree that we never took to the garbage. ha!
Wondering why the Christmas tree turned brown :)
Our little Princess Brooklyn.
Flower girl for a dear friends wedding.
She loved her outfit...her Princess Dress.

Princess Brooklyn dancing with her Prince...Daddy

Playing outside at home after the wedding. Trying to
get the grass out of her mouth!

Such a confident little girl :)
I made her pants by the way.
Gotta make some my size...so comfy!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Two trained ?????

Today was weird.

Brooklyn pottied 5 times.
Only one accident today...which was my fault. I didnt get her there quick enough and the door was closed :(


Natalie pooped and peed in the potty tonight.

strange to me. she just did it. She didnt like it...and didnt celebrate. But she did it!

I am very tired.


tomorrow Ill post other topics...i promise :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

more potty training...

Well today wont be as long.
I am worn out.
I am very tired.
I am also experiencing a sense of relief.
Strangely enough a little sadness too, but not enough to hold potty training back.

Brooklyn has pottied a total of 9 times in the past three days on the toilet.
4 Monday- 4 Tuesday and just One time today.

Philip took them to the store so I could rest.

Ohhhh how I need rest.

Brooklyn doesnt cry as much now. (She ONLY cries while she is actually eliminating)
It scares her...which is fine. But she doesnt want to go in her diaper. which is GREAT.

She can hold it for a VERY long time. I hope she doesnt get a bladder infection.
We dont have to hold her down as much while she is peeing to avoid a messy floor!

She runs to the potty on her own. it just takes 45 minutes to go,

That is exhausting,
She colors-plays with stickers-sings songs.
It helps her relax.

We are making good strides.
Good for 3 days in my opinion.
Going from full diaper days to diapers only during nap and bedtime.

Totally her decision.

Boy she is so stinkin cute.
Im crazy about her.

And her little sister is the most precious thing.
She sits on her little potty too...but no success with her yet.
It will come.

Meanwhile...tomorrow...what will you bring?
Maybe a little more rest and a lot more potty for my girls :)

Have a great day..Im going to bed :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Potty training....

I think this is the longest Ive gone without posting.

It has been very busy here at my home.

We have been potty training.

Intense potty training.

Not by my choice.

We have actually been potty training for a few months...just not this intense.
I thought it would never happen
but I learned that when they are ready...they will do it.
And she must be ready.

Monday morning Brooklyn got up and said she wanted panties on.
I said OK...lets do it.
We have done that dance before. For over three months!!!

Put panties on, pee in panties, put her on potty, put clean panties on, pee in panties, etc. etc.

Monday was different.
She did not like it when her panties were wet.
We went through about 5 pair within 2 hours.
So I decided to let her go bare bottom.

We have done that before too and she would pee all over and not even care!

Monday she did NOT want pee on herself.
So she tried to hold it...
she cried and wimpered holding her legs together.

SO I knew she had to go.
I waited till it was constant and knew she could hardly hold it anymore.

We ran to the potty...and within about 40 minutes.
Not the potty chair...the toilet.!!!!!!
She prefers the toilet!!!!

The hard part..
She knows she needs to go but holds it as long as she can.
Then when she cant hold it any longer-she starts crying and screaming.

I have to bear hug her and hold her down on the potty so the pee will go in the potty!
(Not easy when almost 9 months pregnant).

Each time she goes...she cries a little less...screams a little less and goes a little faster.
Tonight she even got me out of bed to pee in the potty because she didnt want a wet diaper.
She also woke up from her nap DRY!
We went to the potty and she peed!

There have been a couple of times that pee got all over her, me, the floor and the toilet.
Not fun to clean that mess.
But hey-if it takes a few messes to get it goin...Im willing.

We have special potty treats while she is waiting to pee.
We have coloring books, stickers and her favorite...we let her use markers!
(washable and non-toxic)
Marker has gotten all over her and me and the toilet.
But again...Ill clean it up if it means it helps her.

I am utterly exhausted.
All other house activities have been put on hold.
I am in bed more when they are because every ounce of energy is going into this process.

I know this is a lot of detail and I dont blame you if you stopped reading after the first line :)

I had to document this...my blog is sorta my journal.

I have to give credit to Philip too...when he is here off of work he takes her to the potty.
(Saves my energy for when he goes to work)
Whoever is not doing potty time takes care of Natalie...she is next :)

Maybe I will have two potty trained girls before little boy arrives???
Im happy with just one potty trained.

Sheesh...Im just thrilled she finally went!
My little three year old :)

OK...well I'm calling it a day.
Thanks for letting me share my experience.

Its not easy...but worth it.

Have a great Wednesday!!!!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Brushing Teeth

 I can honestly say I've been questioning my parenting skills lately.
I think all parents do.

I can also admit that I believe age 3 is a LOT harder than age 2.
Terrble twos..were not that terrible looking back.
Unless my 3 year old is just NOW hitting terrible twos after she turned 3.

We have tantrums, stubborness, and strong willed moments.

There are certain things she wants Mommy to do ...
and certain things she wants Daddy to do.
Even if one or the other is not around!

I have been finding myself getting worn down.
Frustrated at myself.
Wondering how I have failed so much as a mom.

I pray over my kids everyday.
I pray that God helps me (and Philip) to guide them in His ways.

Philip and I read books seeking wisdom and good methods.
We read the Bible...seeking how God instructs us to teach them.

Even still I feel like I do not do well enough.

I am so in love with my kids.
I love them so much that I believe discipline is a MUST.
I believe that even now they can learn from choices they make.
Such as...throwing a tantrum leads to spending time alone in their room until they are
enjoyable to be around again.

I have been trying to focus on things that I feel we are succeeding at.
My girls LOVE to read their Bible everynight.
My girls LOVE to pray before meals.
My girls encourage each other and say thank you to one another.
My girls eat raw leafy spinach :)

One thing I find odd is that my girls love to brush their teeth.
They would brush for an hour if I let them.
And they really do brush!
I taught them in ONE night...and ever since then they
beg to brush their teeth!
Ha! nuts huh?

Notice how much smaller Natalie is than Brooklyn.
Natalie will be two in 4 weeks.
She still wears 12-18 month clothes.
Little munchkin weighed 10 lbs 10 ounces when born!

Love my CutesieSweetsies!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A small project...

In my last post I said Ive been nesting like crazy.
I didnt do that when I was pregnant with my girls.

My favorite kind of project is one that doesn't cost a lot.

We built our house about 18 months ago and I have been sloooooowly decorating.

I have probably done more in the past two months than the entire time we have been here.

Anyways...here is what I worked on this past Monday.
Simple..but really pretty and homey...I like homey and comfy decorations.

Old plate from an antique store. I really wasn't looking for this color...but it was all I could find for a good price.
I got three for $1.50 altogether :)

My mom gave me this plate rack which has been sitting in my closet for a few months.
I like it a lot.

I realize that the plate colors do not contrast much against my wall color.
(Im not brave enough to paint my house yet.)
So...I added a ribbon at the top to add a little color to it.
Ribbon that I had
in my tub of fabric and ribbons.

And it made its home right above my trash bin.
(The trash bin is handmade by my friends father. I was at her house and I couldnt stop talking about
how I wanted a trash bin like hers. So her Daddy made me one! And we had never even met!)

I know its not everyones style-but I like it.
It makes me feel like Im at home.
A little old fashioned...but to me its pretty.

All for 50 cents.

not too bad huh?

Go to an antique store...you never know what you will find for almost no money at all!