Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And she turned 4...

Our little girl...our firstborn princess.
She turned four this year.
January 15th.

It was her snow princess party...
I will try and upload the invitation tonight
It was really fun :)

She had a sweet group of little princesses come to help celebrate.
They ate cupcakes, admired each others dresses...and listen to Brooklyns favorite story.

A story of what God wants for his little girls.
and more...

It was a sweet celebration of the life that God blessed us with just four years ago.
Oh, to just hold this little girl in my arms once more and smell her newbornness.

I remember as soon as we got her home from the hospital, it was me, Philip and Brooklyn.
I got on my knees at the end of our bed and wept.
I wept because she was ours.
I wept because I didnt know what to do next.
I wept because I was so deeply in love with this 4 day old baby and I didnt know how to deal with it.
I wept because she was my miracle and I knew she was special.

(I was on bedrest/restrictions basically the whole pregnancy due to the placenta tearing away from the uterus. The whole pregnancy I was on edge, afraid, trying so hard to keep her with me)

Oh to freeze time.
To keep today so still until I can soak it up enough to say
"Ok, tomorrow...what do you have for us?"

Nathan was napping the entire party...he missed the fun...but oh to have a nap:)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Worship care...

So today is Sunday...I really like Sundays. Sunday is the start of our weekend.

Today Philip and I took our turn for "worship care" aka nursery duty, at church today.
We are on the schedule once a month for the three year old class.

It was really fun.

I have three little kids at home and I have been told "dont you need a break?" haha!
Yes. Yes, I do. But beng around more kids....makes me love mine more!! Double blessing!!!

to be honest, volunteering for worship care is more of a blessing to me than it probably is for the kids.
Today we had such a fun group of little boys and girls.
I love to watch them interact, and play, and learn, and eat together and encourage each other.
(They even argue with each other a little...imagine that! :) :)

Today they were extra sweet...when we sat down for a snack...each one of them took a turn praying. They voluntarily prayed. And they encouraged each other to pray. Wow.

However, its a blessing. I believe they need to be nurtured and encouraged by many ages and people.

It takes a village right ? :) Happy Sunday...

enjoy the fabulicious weather!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Potty training in five-yes five days! For good!

I have had the torment pleasure of potty training two children within a year.

Brooklyn potty trained at 3 years and 4 months (while I was 8 months preggo with Nathan-not fun)
Natalie just potty trained at 2 years and 10 months (with a newly crawling and pulling up ten month old Nathan-again-not so fun but with a box of toys outside the bathroom door he was fine)

My method
I am probably a mixture of a whole bunch of methods...but this is what worked for both of my girls.

They both came to me at the age above...and said "mommy I want panties!"
(For the record...I never pushed it on either of them. I figured I would know when they were ready...and it worked! Plus...I had so much going on in my life with pregnancy and a newborn...I decided potty training would come...and it did!)
So i said "Ok you're a big girl now! Yay! No more diapers!"
So I took the diaper off and started encouraging them to drink as much water as possible.
(I put panties on both of them, but they both peed in them pretty quick, so we went bare bottom for the first day-nice-I know but I put towels on the furniture. They stayed in the kitchen coloring for the most part)
They both held it for a couple of hours, but eventually I could tell they needed to go.
They both fought sitting on the toilet (I used our toilet, not a potty chair but we do have a seat the fits on the toilet for their little bums).
I would take them back and forth ALL DAY!
The first time...they both peed a little on the kitchen floor, and I picked them up, they would pee on me, then I would put them on the toilet and let them finish.
I put them in the tub, let them wash off their legs and we moved on.
that sounds horrible I know.
Who wants to clean up pee on the floor and on themselves?
Honestly-they both "got it" after that.
They didnt like peeing out of control or on themselves.
So they would run back and forth to the potty every ten minutes, trying to pee.
Sometimes I had to hold them on the toilet and hug them while they got used to it.
But after 4-5 times of doing was fun to them!
We would have lots of parties....many times a day!
The same thing with poop.
brooklyn had no problem pooping in the potty.
Right now...Natalie will poop in the potty but she runs back and forth all day because she cant
tell when she is quite ready. And she wants me with her when she poops still, which is OK!
They both required ALL of my attention for a few days and I sat with them every single time for about a week.
But its worth it!
And no more diapers!
And no accidents except the first day!

I hope this makes sense and can encourage anyone who is thinking about potty training.
It worked for both of my girls...even though they were both around three years old,
 I am so glad I waited.

They know when they are ready.

Oh...lots and lots of positive reinforcement and encouragement.
They were so excited to show me and loved when I would jump up and down and dance around to celebrate! (its so fun to see them gain confidence :))
We had an ice cream party after the first poop...
but besides that we never really rewarded with candy or food.
They were happy to have stickers and markers, and even play outside in the muddy garden!

I will spare you the pictures on this post :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Twists and turns...

The last time I was here was December 9...
I took a little break.
A little voluntarily...a little not

Life has been happening.
Some twists...some turns.
A lot of ups...a few downs.
A little painful growing going on too.
Learning how life is precious.
Witnessing the truth of "He giveth and taketh away".

My new years resolution: To not live a day with any regrets.
So far: Im meeting my resolution :)

So, whats been going on recently?
All three babies had RSV- at once. whew!
Nathan- is ten months - crawling, pulling up, testing mammas authority :)
Natalie- potty trained in 5 days. FIVE. I am thrilled!
I turned 31..and love it
Philip is working hard but has been getting home early ... yay!
We ordered our saferoom for tornado season...a little less anxiety here.

With that is something sweet to look at  :)
My little Valentines.
Oh they are sweet...
The girls made the sign :)
Love love love love