Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am really enjoying my little boy.

We were so blessed to have friends bring us meals for a couple of weeks after we
brought Nathan home.
It helped me remember to eat :)

I will brag a little on one dear friend.
She and her sweet family brought us a delicious meal
and visited with us for a little while.

She is also an amazing photographer.
She took pictures of Nathan when he was ten days old.
Umbilical cord still attached.
A little bundle who sleeps so soundly...slept I might say :)

Thank you Melissa McClure.
I would have never gotten this completed without you!

Enjoy :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Life Changing....

Just a quick post.
It has been almost a month since I have posted...Ive been a little busy!
Before I forget I wanted to blog about my little boy joining our family.
(Dont worry...nothing detailed)

I dont want to forget.

April 19, 2011
3:31 pm
10 pounds 13 ounces
21 inches
black hair
beautiful skin

C - section lasting about 45 minutes.
It was not as painful as last time, maybe its because I knew what to expect.
Wheeled into the surgery room.
Sitting on the side of the operating table (strange they make you lay your self down on the table)
The spinal block wasnt bad.
Just a little sting and then a warm sensation flooding my legs.
The nurse helped me lay down.
The blue sheet was raised above my head.
My Dr welcomed me with a smile and upbeat mood.
"You ready to have a baby Laura?"
Yep! Lets do this!
Philip joined me.
he held my hand tighter than I held actually hurt :)
I felt nothing...until the dr pushed on my belly to get the baby out.
That hurt a little...more like pressure and taking my breath away.
I heard the most amazing cry ever.
Philip left me to go with the baby.
(totally jealous and lonely at this point)
The nurse stayed by my side...assuring me I was doing well.
I begged her not to leave me...I was scared!
It hurt.
It wasnt searing pain...more like aching.

Philip brought the baby over to me so I could see him.
I was hurting so it was hard to concentrate.
The first moment I saw him I said "He is so CUTE!"
I remember the moment so clearly.
He wasnt crying.
He was bundled in a blanket...snuggled with his daddy.
I wanted to hold him so badly.
Philip put him up to my face...I smelled my little boy.
his skin so perfect.
I cried. I cried because I was staring in the face of the miracle God gave me.
A perfect miracle.
Oh how I love my Lord...Thank you Lord for this baby.

I felt a warm sensation go up to my shoulder. "Great, an air pocket" I thought.
when the Dr was finished I felt amazing.
They mustve pumped me up with some awesome numbness again.
I did almost throw up...they gave me Zofran. Thank you Zofran.
They put a warm blanket over me...that room is freezing!
They lifted me to my recovery bed...weird feeling.
being lifted when you are numb and cant move.
They took me to my recovery room.

I saw Philip...still in his scrubs.
Holding the most beautiful little boy ever born.
Philip brought him to me.
I couldnt sit up yet...or I would pass out, or throw up, or get a horrible spinal headache.
I held my baby for the first time.
laying next to me.
He smelled amazing.
A fresh new life.
A life that was growing inside me.
A life that God created and allowed me to sustain for 9 months.
His skin was perfectly pink.
He was warm.
I know he knew me.
I know that he felt the presence of his mama.
I didnt want to let go.
I didnt let go.

I will never ever forget it.
how I could relive it...oh how I could just have that first smell of his skin.
the first touch.
The warmth of his skin next to my face.

Im in love.
My life is changed.