Monday, June 27, 2011

A Day in the life...

Most of you know I use this blog as a journal so that I can look back at events-big or small-in my life.

Here is a look into a day in my life.
I will post about a day when Philip is at work.
When he is off work our days are a little more random and less scheduled.

5:00-6:00 AM.
Nathan usually wakes up between this time to eat. He has slept until 7 or 7:30 but its not frequent. I am so tired at this point. I pick him up, change his diaper and head to the living room to nurse him while I sit in the recliner. Its more comfortable there and I can usually fall asleep while safely holding and nursing him.
(Philip gets up aroun 6-6:30 for work and heads to work by 7) Nathan usually falls asleep and if Im awake I lay him back down. Sometimes I just sleep holding favorite :)
6:30-7:30 AM
Natalie (2 yrs) is definately an early riser. Mostly since we put her in a big girl bed and she can get up by herself! She hunts me down. if im in the living room she lays on the floor next to the recliner. If Im in bed she climbs in and snuggles next to me and Philip if he hasnt gotten up yet.
7:30-8:00 AM
brooklyn (3 yrs) walks sleepily into our room and joins the crowd. My favorite is when we are all in our bed snuggled up. They usually fight over who gets to snuggle daddy.
If Philip is already gone...I usually shower before he leaves and before the girls get up. Then I lay back down if they are quiet...and if not...we head to the kitchen.
8:00 AM
usually everyone is up by now. Philip is working. Nathan is sleeping. I get the girls their morning juice and add the probiotic. (We dont miss a day!) I unload the dishwasher, make myself some coffee, and start the girls breakfast. They are usually coloring. They love to color!
9:00 AM-noon
Nathan is not on a certain nap schedule yet. I let him eat when he is hungry and sleep when he gets tired he seems to take a long morning nap. Which is nice because I can work on laundry, bathe the girls, fix their hair, color with them, or just snuggle with them. I usually nurse Nathan 1-2 times before noon. He usually falls back asleep.
I finish nursing Nathan and get the girls lunch ready. I usually pick out 2 kinds of fruit, a protein like yogurt, and water to drink. We dont eat a lot of grains...fruits and veggies are the biggest part of the girls diet. They love salad!
The girls play a bit and I clean the kitchen. I try to eat something as well. usually what the girls eat...I just eat it while I clean up the kitchen.
Its nap time for the girlies. Even if they dont sleep I want them to learn to have quiet time. So I give them books and tuck them in bed. They usually sleep till 4.
During the girls nap, I feed nathan, sometimes I will take a shower. I usually rock him in the recliner and he falls asleep on me for a couple of hours. My favorite part of the day!
I try to water the garden, check the mail and make the bed during this time as well.
The girls get up and I give them a snack. usually animal crackers. they are easy, the girls love them, but they dont eat a ton of them. They color or ask to watch a DVD (usually Christmas shows).
I feed nathan. Again :)
We eat dinner and Philip has been home for a little while. He gets off work at different times everyday.
7-8 PM
play time. I clean the kitchen and Philip plays with the kids. the girls climb all over him, tickle him and when its not too hot we play outside or go for walks.
nathan usually takes an evening nap...but not a long one.
8-9 PM
Depending on naps that day or if we went out for the evening (sometimes we go to the mall or other places around town) the girls stay up a little later. If they are cranky from lack of napping....we put them in bed as early as 7:30.
Philip loves this time of day. Nathan snuggles him and they have Daddy/Son TV time. Its pretty cute.
I nurse Nathan and I give Philip a bottle to finish feeding Nathan. Nathan goes to bed better when Philip feeds him a bottle...he tends to want to nurse a LONG time at night.
11 PM
Nathan is out and Philip and I head to bed...we are both tired from the day.
We know one day Nathan will go to bed around 8. So we wont stay up as late.

Its a pretty simple day...but never a dull moment. never. Every minute is busy for all of us!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nathan 1 month pic.....

well...I cannot figure out how to turn the pictures right side up.
Im sorry :/

Feel free to send me info on how to do that.
I took these with my not so great camera.

My friend Melissa took his newborn pics in this basket with
this quilt underneath him.

Im so proud because I made the quilt.
I plan on taking a picture of it each month on his "month birthday".

Ill post month two tomorrow.


Saturday, June 25, 2011


So Im feeling a little purple today...Teresa...I hope you read this one :)

Just some random things on my mind.

* I am not a burger girl. Hamburgers make my tummy very unhappy. I bought some ground turkey. Made some turkey burgers. YUMMO! A nice treat for me...

* Blueberries. I cannot get enough. We seriously go through a pint every other day! Im willing to pay for them. they are in season and my girlies love them.

* Ive been going to the chiropractor for some major issues I have incurred while being pregnant with big babies. I have been going three times a week for three weeks...I am feeling sooooo much better. I havent felt this great in 5 years.

* I just realized Ive been pregnant every year the past 5 years.

* I now have no excuse not to start training for the Tulsa Run. Ill start Monday. ha!

* My baby boy is "talking" to us. I love it! its adorable!!! My little 9 week cutesiesweetsie!

* There is a new McDonalds down the street by our house. It wouldnt be a big deal if they didnt sell amazing cinnamon rolls at breakfast!

* I really like coffee and making my own concoctions at home. Coffee...yum. Mocha...yum.

* I really wish I had time to sew. I have so many ideas bouncing inside my brain of cute things to make for my girls and my home. I love home decorating especially when its something I make. Im missing my craft time.

* im craving huge salads with tons of veggies - Ive got to get to the grocery store

Have a GREAT day!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer girls..

My little girls love summer.
I have never been much of a summer girl.
Until I had kids and realized it was not so much fun to be stuck inside during the freezing winter days.

As often as we can, we let the girls go "swimming".

It's so cute how they beg to "swim" in the sprinkler.
They run around the grass and laugh and giggle.
Perfect summer day.
Add a popsicle into the mix and it just cant get much better.

Sounds like we have amazing laid back girls who are go with the flow?
Its not so fun when we have to turn the sprinkler off.
Lots of crying.
Begging for more "swimming".
Crying turns to tantrums.
not so fun.
But they can't live in the yard right?

Here are a few pics to show the sweet sounds of our summer.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kit Kats and 7 years

Once you learn.
I have learned a lot this year.
A lot about who I am...deep inside.
Ive learned who I thought I was...but really wasnt.
I learned not to sweat the small stuff.
I learned that losing my car keys...having to tow my car to the dealer to make a new key is really NOT a big deal. its funny.
Ive learned to love the FIXABLE.

Some things arent fixable.

My dearest friend is experiencing life...and her circumstance is not fixable.

Our house flooding from a broken pipe this past year...both girls rooms were flooded.
I did not blink an eye.
I learned that my girls can happily share a bedroom :)
Totally fixable.

I have learned that life can be boring...or it can be fun.
You can stress and worry and be so careful that you dont really "get it" or enjoy the fixable problems.

I cant even begin to count the dinners I have burned...and ended up eating cereal instead.

Boy...I get it.

When you experience something so life changing...perspective becomes very clear.

It has taken a year to see things clearer...and Im sure next year I can say the same.

My life.
Less focused on me.
More on how to love, show Gods love, and live...praying that God can use me in even the smallest of ways.

Philip and I celebrated 7 years of marriage this past May.
We have experienced the hardest of hard.
But...with God...we can do hard.
(My dearest friend who is in the middle of the hardest of hard taught me that)
He tells us in His Word that we can do ALL things through Him.
God helps us and CARRIES us through the hard.

I have learned what true commitment is.
I have learned what real love is.
I understand what it means to put yourself last.
I have also learned how to put myself in a place where I know I am precious to Jesus.

Marriage is really complicated..but its good.

Anyways on a lighter note :)
I love Kit Kats.
Philip bought me a bouquet (sp??) of kitkats.
and 13 roses.

We went to Rooster days...he bought me the cutest shirt ever.
(pic to come soon)
He spoiled me.
Not with gifts.
But with Gods love.
He prayed for me.
He told me I am the best friend that God knew he needed.

He told me I am his angel (which if you know would laugh with me about that one ! )

Ive never had anyone show me love like he does.
I know he prays for me.
I know he loves me.
I know, most importantly, that he loves Jesus.

Every part of him is evident in that.

Im thankful. For 7 years.........and Kitkats :)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I needed some girl time...

So Ive been pretty busy.
Busy with the best ingredients of the best life ever.
 A super cool fun lovin' husband who makes me laugh...even at 3 AM feedings.
A baby boy who smiles at me now...saying "Thank you mama for feeding me at 3 AM)
Two little girlies that are so sweet I could scoop them up and eat them with a SPOON!

I love girly things.
One of those things is painted toenails.

I am slacking on the primping aspect of my life.
One day Nathan was sleeping and I was in the mood to pamper meeee.
So I brought the girls to the bathroom floor and we
had a toenail painting party!

Pics not so great...feet are not easy to capture when they are running around the house.
After...we made peanut butter cookies.
What girl doesnt like to indulge once in a while???

Pretty Feet.
I like it.
Alot, alot, alot

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Love Sweet Love...

I dont have much to say today...but I am in love.

Im soaking this alllll up.
Each day that goes by is sweeter than the last.

There are moments that I want to pull my hair out.
There are times I cant keep my eyes open while feeding Nathan.
I sometimes go to bed at night and think "I didnt brush my teeth today!"

Im totally doing my best to be present in my life.

Im taking time to braid the girls hair...not just throw it up in a bun.
I lay down with them on their comfy big girl beds.

When I nurse Nathan...I rub his back...and I see chill bumps pop up on his arms.
Makes me feel good...because he feels relaxed and safe in my arms.

Philip and I have been getting out more...even if its to walk to the mailbox together during naps.

God is good to me.
Man...He is good.

Look at my precious CutesieSweetsies :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Green Thumb

I have a new "addiction".
Well actually I have a few new addictions.

The biggest and most fun is GARDENING!

I love to grow things!
Maybe its because I just finished growing and birthing a baby??

Anyways...I like it. Gardening. A lot, alot, alot.

I love getting up early (well...after the baby wakes and i feed him...) and watering my lovely garden.

It is saving me some money too!
I have a huge supply of lettuce, which we are sharing with the neighbors before it burns up.
We have squash, broccoli, carrots, peppers, okra, basil, cilantro, and trying for cantaloupe.

Talk about a yummy summer salad!!!

My thumbs are turning bright green...bright bright green.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It takes a village

It seriously takes a village....and I am pretty sure I have the best.

There are so many people in my life
that encourage me and my little family.

Here are a few...I need to gather more pictures.

My new niece is pictured with Nathan.
They are just 5 weeks apart.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nathans arrival in pictures

Im catching up...
Here is a short story in pictures of Nathans birthday.
I am excited you get to see the moment I saw him first.

I love the picture of Philip bringing him to me.
You also get to see the first time I held him.
I was swollen...give me some sympathy :) ha!

I am really trying to get back into "life".
Every moment is busy.
Any "down" time I have...i sleep.

I dont have much down time.
I sleep about 4-5 hours a day.
Someone is always keeping me up.


I get cranky.
I am tired.
BUT-I wouldnt want anything else!