Sunday, January 30, 2011

Saving some cash...

My newest adventure.
Well actually my husband started it.
He is a very detail oriented person. organized. efficient. hardworking.
Im lovin it!

I am pretty organized when it comes to cooking meals and planning food for each week.

Most weeks I make a tentative menu and make my grocery list based on what Im cooking.

Usually my goal is to use as much as I already have
before i buy something new.

Its almost like a game.
To see how healthy, inexpensive, and tasty my meals can get.

Ill show you my menus on a blog post soon.

for now...

its all about the coupons.

sale ads, competitors ads, online coupons, newspaper coupons and best of all

It takes a LOT of time.
time I dont have much of...but Im willing to sacrifice a nap
to save some cash!
I dont work outside the home, so my "job" is to save us money in anyway that I can.

Ill also share more about that on an upcoming blog post.

See my coupon stack from the past week and a half!!!!!

Ohhhh and check out my awesome coupon holder below.
My sister and her husband spent a few months in Europe
(am I jealous? a little. ha!)

They brought me back this super cutesiesweetsie accordian folder.
Im thinkin its pretty it.

Do I suggest couponing??? absolutely! Ive gotten lots of free items and super good deals.

try it...just for a few weeks.

Next time I go shopping Ill share how much I saved.

After the snow blizzard of course...

Friday, January 28, 2011

The End of the Table...

For as long as I can remember I have had a love for writing.
I love reading.
I crave spending time reading the Bible and journaling how God is working in my life.

Below is one of my favority faves...
my daily staple.
I know exactly where it is and its always there when Im ready.

A clearance box from Hobby Lobby with scrap raffia I had in my craft stash

An old jelly jar with a scrap of my favorite fabric left from my daughters curtains

My absolute favorite Bible. I have four-but this one my dad gave me in high school.
(notice my maiden name...) fave is "Moleskin" from Barnes and Noble
my super classy sister got me hooked on these.
simple and easy to write in

random pens and many as I can gather to stick in the jar

Put it together and its my journaling, Bible reading, quiet moment kit.

Its always at the end of my kitchen table.
Ready for me...waiting...always there reminding me to take time and read Gods promises.

Gods promises are what keeps me focused...knowing that its OK that life is hard.
That I will suffer..struggle...and endure pain.
That I will experience the deepest peace and unexplainable joy.
its crazy amazing when you rely on Him daily.

If you have a hard time remembering to take time from your day and read, journal, or whatever,
I suggest putting one of these kits in a place you see everyday.

its one of my favority faves:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest Pregnancy Pic...


 this pregnancy is so different than with my girls.
thats why I just knew it had to be a boy!

morning (ALL DAY) nausea
HUGE bursts of energy
extremely early "nesting"
Sudden need to nap and nap quick or I might throw up
throwing up
attacks of OCD where I HAD to organize something-anything
and the worst...

major heartburn. everyday. doesnt matter what I eat.
doesnt matter if I sleep sitting up. if I drink water, milk, juice or coffee. cereal and crackers hurt me just as much as a yum yum chicken chimichanga
(which sounds so delicious right now)
heartburn that gives no notice that I will vomit until 3 seconds before.


I dont care:)
in 11 weeks I get to meet the little guy who causes me so much beautiful grief.:)

Here I am below - almost 27 weeks.

The guy next to pretty amazing.
Hes my husband:)

You wont wanna miss whats coming favorite faves :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversation...and winner!

I have a winner!

Yay Raylea!
Ill give you your prize at church Sunday!

I had a few more responses thru email and Facebook.

No one hit it on the dot but Raylea was first to guess :)

Our conversation was weird.
We were picking out stuff for the baby and we came to the hangers and I said "Oh definately white hangers".

Philip said "I want blue hangers for my boy" (boy was said with an accent more like "bowa")

Since Im pregnant and sometimes not feeling too great...I was a little short and said "fine blue" and put them on our list.

Philip did not really care what color of hangers we picked out.
He just thought blue for boy.

I was thinking...matching..white..same color..clean etc.

Anyways...we ended up having a conversation about hangers for probably 45 minutes.

It wasnt an argument...just a strange conversation about how I dont like blue hangers.

At first I was going to take a poll to see what YOU prefer.
But I dont have enough readers for that! HAHA!

Thats why I did the guessing game:)

Oh- we ended up putting white and blue on the list.
Now Im really in a tizzy! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Contest time!!!!

Since becoming a mother...and especially a mother of two and soon to be three...I have become increasingly Type A personality. some ways.

Its mostly all in my mind WISHING I were a little more Type A.

I am having a boy as you know...and it is all foreign to me.
Im all about bows and pink and ruffles.
What do you do with a boy???

Philip and I were at Babies R Us the other day picking out things for the baby.

Philip and I also had an ongoing discussion about the hangers pictured below.

First person to comment and tell me what the discussion was about wins a fun little prize :)

First person wins!
Leave a comment and Ill contact you tomorrow!

Have fun!

Monday, January 24, 2011

3 candles

Hope you all had a great Sunday!

After sharing the milestone last week with the paci...I thought I would share a little about our oldest daughter.

Such a sweet day...

January 15, 2008
4:11 AM

 she is such a little sweetsie. our first born.
Im in love with all of my children the same...
but there was something special about the first.
The newness of it all.

She turned three a little over a week ago!

My little baby is now definately a preschooler!

It was such a fun day and I cherish it.
Im thankful for it.

Her first party where she actually acknowledged her little friends.

First time she blew out the candles.

First time she knew it was her birthday...and asked for another one:)

Not me...I will gladly take a year of long days that drag.
This momma isnt ready for her babies to grow up :)

Funny thing...I woke up at 4:12 AM that day.
exactly 3 years and 1 minute after she was born.
My little Cutesie Sweetsie:)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Time to Every Purpose...

OK...just look at this sweet precious face.
A face that I GET to see almost all day everyday!

Makes me wanna sneak into her room right now and watch her sleep!

Disclaimer: I did not let my child eat the skittles...she was munchin on her paci...a more satisfying treat:)

Which brings me to tell you that there is a time for everything.

This week was a time to say goodbye to the paci...and not by my choice let me tell ya.

Last Sunday it was bedtime and I could not find a paci anywhere throughout the house. Both girls and I were searching and I was praying that we would find one. Being 27 weeks pregnant and my husband working nights...I did not feel like breaking the paci habit that night.

Too bad for me...and my little one.

I rocked her a long time, put her to bed with a favorite book and bear and said "night night baby girl"

And she screamed...for two hours straight.
wimper-scream-cry over and over.

I would try to console her but it didnt work. I just went in every 20 minutes to reassure her I was home and I had to let her scream.

She wore herself out and fell asleep.

For about three nights the screaming got shorter and shorter.

Now...we are paci free!!!!!
And no fuss about it!

Now-I will say I wasnt ready to let it go either.
She used it to sleep and it made her feel better when she was insecure (mainly around big crowds).

But it sure is nice not to have to crawl on the floor in the middle of the night when it falls out of her bed.

Now Im off to eat a yummy cinnamon roll my cutie husband gave me!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Take two

So today I will try again to share what I plan for this blog.

I CRAVE simplicity. I like the simple life. I love to have an empty calendar on the wall because that leaves room for whatever comes up! 

My husband is my favorite and he is my best friend...if you havent met him youve got to. He has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Im crazy nutso in love with my CUTESIE SWEETSIE little girls...and the cutest little boy ever who lives in my belly soon to arrive! They melt me into a big puddle of goo!

Im not much for sharing deep thoughts or my innermost secrets...I save those for my husband and sister! HA!
Although Im grateful for my life story and might share little snippets here and there so you can know me more!

I will share the work my Saviour Jesus Christ does in me every single day...after all thats what life is about:) 

I will share fun projects I do and maybe even a recipe or two that I just cant do without.

I will share about this little boy thats growing inside me and how I am a LOT intimidated about entering boyworld. All I know is pink tutus, ribbons, and pretty little dresses! Blues, greens, and browns dont make sense to me yet :)

Its going to be ultimate goal:
To encourage, spread joy, and mostly be uplifting and positive in a huge world of negative!

Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Opening Night! (Or Morning)

Welcome to my first official blog post on CutesieSweeties!

I actually started my post describing what I want my blog to be and what my life is like...then life happened!

I woke up about 2 hours earlier today than my usual 9 AM.
So I thought "hmm maybe I will start my blog Ive been wanting to start FOR YEARS" :)

I got up made some coffee...and fired up this crazy computer.
I already had the name picked out so it took no time to set it up.

I began to type out my way too serious post and noticed a little heartburn caused by my 27 week old baby boy who tumbles in my tummy...then out of no where.

I threw up.

Never nauseated, not a single tummy rumble. I just felt a little wierd for a second then ran to the bathroom. I barely made it.

After the whole 5 minutes of yuck - i decided to restart my blog post.
Then I took a two hour nap thanks to my super sweet husband who got the girls up and fed them pancakes!

So here I am feeling much better and ready to begin again.

Only this time...what you just read is what you will read for the day.:)

(By the way I never drank the coffee...made from a fresh bag of dunkin donuts coffee...super sad about that whole deal)

Welcome to my first official blog post on CutesieSweetsies!