Thursday, March 1, 2012

Anchors Away...A visit from my brother who is in the US NAVY

I have always been a military supporter.
My heart has always been sensitive to those who serve and who
selflessly leave their sweet families home to make sure my family...keeps their freedoms.

Then my own brother joined the Navy.
Now...I am as close to a Blue Star Mom as you can be.
A Blue Star Sister maybe? :)

My brother came home for Christmas and brought Nathan a super cool Navy shirt.
He is here now and we are going to have lunch and hang out a little bit.

He leaves soon...and will soon be deployed again.
Can you imagine the prayers that boy gets from his big sister???
Yes. Tons. Lots. every day. All the time.

We all love him...and my kids think he is the coolest.
Natalie crawls all over him and jumps on him like hes a trampoline.

Brooklyn thinks he is silly.
Nathan just chills with him.

My brother is pretty cool.
I sure cant wait until we can see him more.

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