Saturday, March 3, 2012

Because of what it means...

Yesterday was a tragic day for a lot of people in the southern states.

If you know me very well...or even a might know that I am very, very afraid of tornadoes.
I have always been afraid.
I have always had a "respective fear" of tornadoes...meaning I never take severe weather lightly.

And yesterday proves to me once again...why I feel this way.
It also confirms that we made a good choice in ordering a safe room that cannot get here fast enough.
(Just 3-4 more weeks)
Thankfully I have the sweetest neighbors ever...and if the weather gets so bad I can at least get my babies in her safe room. Thank you sweet neighbor.

I don't even feel comfortable writing the words I feel about what happened yesterday.
Lives lost.
Homes destroyed.
People hurting.
No way to prevent it.
the devastation of it all

my heart is heavy and hurting so

Tonight as I got my girls ready for bed, I soaked up the sweetness.
I praised God that I was there with that moment.
Some people lost that yesterday.
I still have it.
I have my babies to hold.
My home is still in tact, toys everywhere, bottles needing cleaned, striped socks left by the back door.
I am leaving it all there (maybe not the bottles).
But stays. I need to see the mess. because of what it means.

It means I have my babies sleeping just feet away from me while I type.
I have my family.

I'll take the mess and look at it with love. With thankfulness.

Because of what it means.

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  1. I love this Laura and you are such a wonderful writer!