Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And she turned 4...

Our little girl...our firstborn princess.
She turned four this year.
January 15th.

It was her snow princess party...
I will try and upload the invitation tonight
It was really fun :)

She had a sweet group of little princesses come to help celebrate.
They ate cupcakes, admired each others dresses...and listen to Brooklyns favorite story.

A story of what God wants for his little girls.
and more...

It was a sweet celebration of the life that God blessed us with just four years ago.
Oh, to just hold this little girl in my arms once more and smell her newbornness.

I remember as soon as we got her home from the hospital, it was me, Philip and Brooklyn.
I got on my knees at the end of our bed and wept.
I wept because she was ours.
I wept because I didnt know what to do next.
I wept because I was so deeply in love with this 4 day old baby and I didnt know how to deal with it.
I wept because she was my miracle and I knew she was special.

(I was on bedrest/restrictions basically the whole pregnancy due to the placenta tearing away from the uterus. The whole pregnancy I was on edge, afraid, trying so hard to keep her with me)

Oh to freeze time.
To keep today so still until I can soak it up enough to say
"Ok, tomorrow...what do you have for us?"

Nathan was napping the entire party...he missed the fun...but oh to have a nap:)

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