Sunday, February 26, 2012

Worship care...

So today is Sunday...I really like Sundays. Sunday is the start of our weekend.

Today Philip and I took our turn for "worship care" aka nursery duty, at church today.
We are on the schedule once a month for the three year old class.

It was really fun.

I have three little kids at home and I have been told "dont you need a break?" haha!
Yes. Yes, I do. But beng around more kids....makes me love mine more!! Double blessing!!!

to be honest, volunteering for worship care is more of a blessing to me than it probably is for the kids.
Today we had such a fun group of little boys and girls.
I love to watch them interact, and play, and learn, and eat together and encourage each other.
(They even argue with each other a little...imagine that! :) :)

Today they were extra sweet...when we sat down for a snack...each one of them took a turn praying. They voluntarily prayed. And they encouraged each other to pray. Wow.

However, its a blessing. I believe they need to be nurtured and encouraged by many ages and people.

It takes a village right ? :) Happy Sunday...

enjoy the fabulicious weather!!

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  1. I'm glad my boy got to be around your sweet spirit this morning!